Craft Cider & Fruit Wines

Traditional Craft Ciders

Our ‘all-apple’ ciders offer unique interpretations of world cider traditions. We seek to show our respect for cider heritage while sharing the innovative spirit in the Finnriver cider barn. Our traditionally-inspired ciders highlight the versatility of cider styles and celebrate the variety of flavor profiles of different apple blends and production methods.

Contemporary Craft Ciders

These ciders are more contemporary by modern standards, incorporating ingredients beyond the apple and revealing the versatility and range of cider. They are produced year-round and feature a select blend of organic Pacific Northwest dessert apples fermented, blended and carbonated in our Chimacum cider barn.

Botanical Ciders

Our Botanical Ciders share the earthy essence of life in the fields and forests of the Olympic Peninsula. They feature local ingredients that are iconic or flourishing in our region and each seeks to capture the essence of the season. Our Botanical Ciders feature cider fermented on the farm using organic apple juice pressed from Pacific Northwest apples and then blended with herbs, spices, roots, leaves, flowers and more...

Orchard Series Ciders

Our Orchard Series Ciders are fermented primarily from Finnriver’s estate-grown, organic cider apples and pears, with occasional appearance of apples from our network of small regional orchard allies. These ciders aspire to celebrate the soils, waters and maritime climate of the Chimacum Valley, along with presenting elegant variations on the classic cider.

Brandy Dessert Wines

Our cordial-style dessert fruit wines are fortified with custom-distilled apple brandy made from Finnriver cider, and various succulent organic fruit varieties. Sweet and fruit-forward with luscious deep flavors, these are beautiful as dessert, paired with dessert or for your cocktail creations! Our custom-distilled apple and pear brandies are distilled at Admiralty Distillers in Port Townsend or Skip Rock Distillery in Snohomish, Washington.

Port-Style Spirited Wines

The Spirited Wines are our refined, ‘port style’ wines fortified with custom-distilled apple or pear brandy and aged with oak for several months. Thoughtfully crafted for a balance of sweet and heat.

Crew Selections

The Finnriver Crew Selection are conceived and crafted by Finnriver's cidermakers in small exceptional batches, highlighting unusual approaches, blends or styles. A portion of the proceeds from these bottle sales are shared with the crew in a profit-sharing program. The Crew Selections vary from year to year.

Sour Ciders

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