Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Finnriver DEI Statement 

This statement was drafted at Finnriver in April, 2019 after completion of the DIA: Building Inclusive and Equitable Organizations workshop series offered by the Adaway Group, with help from Jane Rioseco and guidance by Jessica Fish of the Adaway Group. It is a work in progress and updates will made here regularly as we deepen our understandings and our skills around the work of becoming a more equitable company and community.

The mission of Finnriver is to reconnect people to the land that sustains us and to grow community. We believe that these strong and rooted connections can inspire us to take authentic and more effective care of ourselves, each other, and the landscapes and ecosystems that we inhabit.

We are farmers and students and lovers of the land, and so we understand that diversity is one of the key ecological concepts that allows for healthy life to thrive.  With this reverence and understanding, Finnriver has committed itself to do the personal and organizational work to become a ‘welcoming place for all walks of life.’

We recognize that there are already many kinds of diversity at work in our human communities and we believe that an important component in creating an inclusive and welcoming space involves both encouraging and supporting the diversity in our organization and also building a strong community network that joins us in understanding and prioritizing these values. 

Finnriver understands that we need to examine patterns at work in our organization that may be creating barriers to inclusivity, and that we need to intentionally cultivate an inclusive and equitable environment so that the diversity and justice we value can thrive.  To uphold these values, we commit to ongoing learning, accountability and repair when we make mistakes, and to open channels of communication for feedback, creativity, problem solving, and community building.

Finnriver recognizes diversity in many ways, including but not limited to: 

·      Race

·      Ethnicity, culture, country of origin, nationality, and citizenship

·      Gender and gender identity

·      Sexual orientation and identity

·      Age

·      Physical appearance and body size

·      Varying abilities as presented physically, emotionally, and neurologically

·      Class and economic circumstance

·      Education and professional experience

·      Religion and spiritual identities

We know that the more diverse our staff and associates, the more perspectives we can draw upon to continue to grow and strengthen our mission.  We know the more diverse our community of visitors, the more we will grow and become of deeper service to the healing and wholeness of our culture/society.

We believe our humanity is rooted in building and living in a world that upholds justice while breaking down systems of oppression, privilege, and supremacy.  In prioritizing our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, Finnriver seeks to live into the ideal of truly being in “right relationship to our home and each other” (adrienne maree brown). 

We view this as a living document. We recognize our understandings of issues will continue to evolve over time and that the words shared here may require changing. We welcome feedback and request the support of others in guiding us as we deepen our commitment to this work.

You can write to us at info@finnriverfarm.com to ask us about our DEI Action and Accountability Plan.  We welcome input, insights and collaboration as we learn and work together!