Plan Your Visit

Yes! The Cider Garden is open for dine-in, sit-down and take-out food and drink service in our outdoor pavilion and farmyard on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 12-6pm. Bundle up and join us! You can view our menu here.

Dented Buoy Pizza will be serving their thin-crust pizzas on Saturday and Sunday ONLY from 12-6pm. You can find their menu and order online at

We have worked diligently to implement hygiene and covid-safety procedures and our intention is to offer a comfortable and caring outdoor space for you to enjoy our farmcrafted draft ciders, local & seasonal foods from the Finnriver Kitchen, bottle purchases, Farmware and pantry merchandise, and a taste of life on the land.

We do require masks/face coverings and we adhere to the physical distancing guidelines set out by Washington State We can currently seat 6 people per table and that must represent no more than 2 households. Thank you for helping us care for the collective and our crew! We've laid out our protocols in more detail below and you can review Washington State's covid-safety guidelines here.

Due to more limited table availability at this time, there may be wait times for seating.  We'll do our best to get you seated or served for take-out as soon as we can. A Finnriver greeter will be there to meet you at the entry 'silo' to share greetings and guidelines. As always, if you are not feeling well, we ask you to defer your visit to another time.  We hope you see you on the farm soon...

Thank you!


Guests do not need reservations to come but, as we mentioned, there may be a wait time to seat you.  If you do want to make advanced Cider Garden table reservations to be sure you get a seat, there is a way! JOIN THE CLUB! That's one of the fabulous special benefits offered to our Cider Club members, along with 15-20% cider and merchandise discounts. It's free to join!


We want everyone to keep as well as can! For our collective health and well-being, we are implementing these safety procedures:

  • All customers and Finnriver staff wearing face coverings/masks
  • Increased table spacing
  • Contactless ordering via te Toast menu app
  • Regular sanitizing of all high-touch surfaces
  • Sanitizer dispensers located throughout the Cider Garden
  • Hand washing stations provided for all visitors
  • Health evaluation of employees before shifts
  • Max group seating per table, 6 people
  • No table or furniture movement allowed
  • Play area is temporarily off-limits (such a bummer!!)

Visitors are asked to remain seated in the dining areas but you are still welcome to walk around the Orchard and appreciate the open space. 

  • Wear a face mask/covering at all times, per WA state law, except while you are eating/drinking at your table.
  • When finished, put all dishes and glasses into the bus tub provided by your table.
  • Follow instructions provided to place your order via the app on your phone or for walk up counter ordering.
  • After being seated, limit any other movement to restroom visits or orchard walks on mowed pathway.
  • Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet when moving through the space & orchard. The kids' play area and outdoor games are closed for now. Feel free to walk the Orchard path and maintain distancing with others.
  • Read below for considerations regarding children, pets, farm safety and other policies.


  • Do not visit us if you are feeling unwell! Stay home and take care!
  • Do not mingle with guests at other tables
  • Do not approach the Taproom, Kitchen, or Dented Buoy Pizza Oven where our crew are working to serve you safely
  • Don't forget to enjoy yourself!

Outside Food Policy

Finnriver seeks to be a hub for fabulous seasonal food and to support local farmers, producers, and food vendors.   As such we allow outside food and drink only by permission for private events, and for unique circumstances such as special events (birthday cake) or for dietary restrictions. We encourage our guests to enjoy food from the Finnriver Kitchen menu and from Dented Buoy. 

Farm Safety

Thank you for considering a visit to Finnriver! We’re glad to grow community here and to welcome visitors and groups to our working farm. Please help us care for the land, the animals and the people who visit by sharing these safety considerations with your group.

All alcohol must be consumed within the cider garden seating area. Absolutely no glasses or open bottles of cider are allowed in the parking lot, dog lawn, farmhouse, or anywhere beyond the cider garden. 

We keep bees on the farm, for pollination and honey. There may also be bees/wasps nests in unexpected locations. If you are allergic to bee stings, bring appropriate medications with you and proceed with caution.

Farm animals are not pets!  Do not feed or touch any farm animals. Keep a safe distance from all animals, including farm dogs. Do not enter fenced animal areas.

Animal fences are generally electrified and may cause a shock if touched. Do not touch electric fences and approach all fences with care.

Tractors are not play equipment!  Do not touch or climb any equipment and do not allow children to climb any machines, equipment or farm structures. Keep a safe distance from all farm equipment and machinery and look out for moving machinery at work.

Please respect the DO NOT ENTER signs around barns and equipment sheds.

Chimacum Creek is a salmon stream, currently undergoing re-forestation and restoration.  Please do not climb on creek banks or enter the creekside restoration area.

Please remain on obvious pathways around the farm and do not enter research fields or pick any food or flowers from the farm.  

Please only use designated restrooms and trash/compost receptacles for all waste.

No fires should be lit anywhere on the land.

Remember, this is a working farm and so the ground may be lumpy and bumpy.  There is irrigation and other equipment around the farm. Please wear appropriate shoes and watch your step for holes and other obstacles.

There is a NO SMOKING policy at Finnriver property. If you have guests who must smoke, please advise them to smoke in the parking lot away from other visitors and to fully extinguish butts. Due to potential tobacco virus contamination of our organic crops, no cigarette butts should be left on the land.

Kids & Pets

Finnriver is family-friendly and all ages are welcome. This is not as fun a time for kids on the farm as usual since we are obliged to keep folks at their tables. We appreciate your understanding that little ones (and those of all ages) will be asked to stay seated at your table during your meal. We encourage you to take a walk through the orchard after your meal as a family, and feel free to take a look at our farm safety guidelines above.  Children under 16 must be accompanied at all times on the farm by a responsible adult. 

No visiting dogs are allowed in the Cider Garden or on the farm. Certified service animals are allowed on property. We are happy to offer an on-leash dog walking area on the big green lawn next to the parking area, in front of the white Farm House. Please scoop the poop! Absolutely no alcohol may be consumed in this area. 



Finnriver has adopted a web-ordering system powered by Toast that you can use at your table for your health, safety and flexibility! We will hand you a welcome sheet with instructions and a QR code upon entering. Point your phone camera at the QR code and then select the link that comes up on your screen. This will bring up the full Finnriver menu, which includes food, beverages, apparel and gift items. 

Add items to your “cart” and follow the prompts to checkout and pay. You’ll have the option (but are not required) to create an account that will allow you to check-out more quickly and easily in the future. For now, our system does not allow customers to start a ‘tab’ and pay at the end for multiple orders, so each time you order will need to be a new transaction. But if you start an account, it stores you info and it’s much easier to order again!

Then just sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy a taste of life on the land and good human company. Everything you ordered will be delivered directly to your table by our crew. Our food is made to order and will be delivered when it's ready.  Thank you for your patience and goodwill! Since Finnriver and Dented Buoy Pizza are separate businesses, and since different items have different cook time depending on how busy things are, we’re unable to have your food delivered all at once.


Dented Buoy Pizza is an independent business that operates here on Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm and they also have a remote ordering system in ‘Square’.  It is separate from the Finnriver system and ordering from them will require a separate transaction.   You can find their menu and order online at Please note that Dented Buoy is currently not taking walk-up orders. 

IMPORTANT: When you place your order, put your table number into the system or note it is for take-out or their staff will have no way of knowing where to bring your delicious pizza. 


Finnriver can accept orders at designated walk-up counters on the side of our Haybarn.  To maintain physical distancing guidelines while in line, we ask you to:

  • Please stand in the marked spots for waiting, with your mask/face coverings on your beautiful faces
  • If there are already 3 people in line for the counter, please wait at your table until a space opens in the line
  • Give your table number to our crew and our staff will bring your order to your table when it's ready

Thank you!