Social Justice Cider Project

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Finnriver Social Justice Cider

The Social Justice Cider Project is an effort to shift energy towards greater equity and justice in our society by raising awareness of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) projects working for positive transformations in our region, and by sharing resources with the groups doing this vital work. 

Bottles sold through the Social Justice Cider Project are priced $1 higher than standard retail pricing. 100% of that extra dollar will be donated to the featured endeavors and organizations — allowing customer purchases to contribute meaningfully to the project. In addition Finnriver, our distributors, and the stores where you made your purchase are all teaming up to match the customer contribution with an additional $1 donation, 100% of which will also go to the featured projects.

This means that $2 from every bottle purchased in this series— on or off the farm— will go directly to the grass-roots organizations working for justice, healing and liberation.

Finnriver has made a deliberate choice to decrease our profit margin on this cider and we’re grateful to be working together with our distributor, accounts and customers to generate money to support grassroots community efforts for meaningful change in the world. 

Funds generated will be donated to each of the featured organizations, with no strings attached and with appreciation for their many efforts to advance social change. The organizations featured in the first run of the 'Black Current' project are folks with whom we've developed connections and we're exploring additional ways to collaborate and share resources.  We are planning multiple variations on this project, with a rotation of featured organizations, and with a release focused on Fair Labor coming next. If you have ideas for other projects or organizations to connect with, please let us know. 

We welcome questions, ideas and concerns and you can learn more about Finnriver’s work towards diversity, equity and inclusion here:

For more information about the organizations this project supports please see the following links: