Land & Community Partners

Finnriver Farm Collaborative

We are farming at Finnriver with a community-minded group of farmers and organizations to share ground, equipment, resources and outreach opportunities. The Finnriver Farm Collaborative works together to grow vibrant agricultural and conservation partnerships through research, restoration and education. You can learn more about this collaborative and the good work of these partners on a self-guided farm walk or on one of our summer Orchard Tours.


Organic Seed Alliance

Organic Seed Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed. We do this through research, education, and advocacy work that closely engages farmers. At this farm we grow variety trials of a range of crops to determine which ones are best suited to this region and to identify varieties with optimal performance in organic farming systems.

North Olympic Salmon Coalition

North Olympic Salmon Coalition promotes robust wild salmon stocks for families, shermen, and local economies by furthering habitat restoration and education on the North Olympic Peninsula. This farm is a base camp for the Salmon Coalition’s dedicated volunteers and home to our native plant nursery, offering local schools and community members a chance to become climate ambassadors and environmental stewards.

Essential Blooms

Essential Blooms is a small-scale flower endeavor that grows and sells unique, unusual and sometimes forgotten ower seeds and cut owers. Our blooms are grown with the intention to inspire an aesthetic appreciation for earth’s beauty and a spirit of responsibility for the natural environment.

Jefferson Land Trust

Jefferson Land Trust is the local, private, grassroots non-pro t land conservation organization “helping the community preserve open space, working lands, and habitat forever.” Over 12,000 acres of wildlands, forests and farms in Jefferson County — including Finnriver and neighboring farms Red Dog, Spring Rain and Short’s Family Farm, are protected in perpetuity thanks to community support for this vital work. Farms, sh and forests forever!

Wood Rose Herb Farm

Wood Rose Herb Farm is an small, ambitious project operated by Claire and Kyle Wood. We grow a large variety of medicinal plants, culinary herbs, and plant dyes on a quarter acre plot at Finnriver. We are Certified Organic and strive to utilize practices that build beautiful top soil, sequester carbon, and work in harmony with nature. We sell our herbs locally and also supply to herbalists and hobbyists all over the country.

The Remediators

Finnriver had to have an old oil tank removed from the ground and contracted with The Remediators, who are mycoremediation and phytoremediation experts who ‘clean soil using fungi.’ The Integrated Biological Approach is a living partnership between natures recyclers using fungi, soil bacteria, and hyper accumulating plants that gobble toxins from soil and water. Their natural process breaks down the pollutants and restores the soil to health!

Power Trip Energy

Power Trip Energy is dedicated to improving the future of our community and our state through the use of renewable energy technologies.  At Finnriver, we have installed an expandable, grid-tied 65-kilowatt system, using 212 solar panels. These panels cover 3,000 square feet of roof space at the Cider Garden, with an estimated annual production of 65,000 kWh of electricity. This installation will produce enough energy to supply more than half of Finnriver's annual power needs, averting 49.3 tons of CO2 from contributing to ocean acidification and global warming.  This installation sends green energy back into the power grid and helps promote a renewable energy future.  Finnriver was awarded a USDA Rural Energy for America Program grant to help fund this project and also received community support from a crowd-funded Barnraiser campaign.  Thanks to everyone who helped us light up this solar system!