Pear Wine

Sweetness: Sweet Dessert Wine
Alcohol Percentage: 18.5% abv.
Bottle Volume: 375 ml.

Aroma & Flavor

A smooth, fruit-forward blend of pear and brandy that quickly surrounds your mouth in a warm pear embrace. Rich and sumptuous.

Pairings & Serving Suggestions

A few ounces in a cordial cup, at room temperature, is a rich delight. Lovely paired with dessert or as dessert itself. A surprising treat with salty cheeses, for contrast. Add a splash to a sparkling wine or beverage for added sweetness and intensity. Drizzle on a luscious vanilla ice cream, alongside a poached pear or nutty tart.

Production Notes

Lightly fermented, Pear Wine captures the ripe intensity of the fruit. Fermentation is halted by the addition of apple brandy, custom distilled for Finnriver by Admiralty. Back sweetened to taste.

Fruit Varieties

Brandy is distilled from cider made with organic Washington dessert apples, primarily high-acid varieties such as heirloom Granny Smith. Organic regional pear juice.