Black Oak

Style: Orchard Series Cider
Sweetness: Medium-Dry
Alcohol Percentage: 9.5% abv
Bottle Volume: 750 ml
Vintage: 2018
Release Date: Fall 2019


Smells deliberately of black currants, dark fruit, wine-like. Piercing acidity zings through delivering the fruity notes along with complicated rolling bitters, green, sharp apple, notes of vanilla and smooth out breath of wooded caramel to the finish.


A select blend of homegrown Certified Organic Golden Russet cider apples from the Finnriver Orchard, Hudson Golden Gem apples from Ashland, OR, apples from Iron Root Orchards in Okanogan, such as Winter Pearmaine, Winesap, and Arkansas Black, and a range of locally harvested homestead fruit from the Olympic Peninsula.


This cider is a combination of high acid and aromatic heirloom apples with aged black currant wine-- all of which comes through a friendly network of local farms, orchards, and distilleries (for the barrels). Fresh-pressed black currant wine made from organic currants grown in Agnew, WA at Tahlequah Farms and Methow Wild Fruits in Winthrop, then aged in American oak brandy barrels for nine months and blended back with the cider.


A cider for watching the sunset with a plate of fine charcuterie. Enjoy with heartier fare such as roasted rabbit or sautéed duck, grilled salmon with savory herbs or a salad with braised beets.