Black Currant Wine

Sweetness: Dessert Wine
Alcohol Percentage: 18.5% abv
Bottle Volume: 375 ml.

Aroma & Flavor

In the spirit of the cordial, we blend the warmth of our custom-distilled apple brandy with the tantalizing and earthy depth of organic black currant for a sweet and sumptuous dessert wine. Bright apple brandy carries the earthy depth of the black currant. Sumptuous, thick, tart and full of rich, ripe flavor.

Pairings & Serving Suggestions

A few ounces in a cordial cup, at room temperature, is a rich delight. Lovely paired with dessert or as dessert itself. Add a splash to sparkling cider or wine for a Kir Royale variation. Drizzle on ice cream, use in baking or mix in a vinaigrette.

Production Notes

Lightly fermented Black Currant Wine captures the ripe intensity of the fruit. Fermentation is halted by the addition of apple brandy, custom-distilled for Finnriver by Admiralty. Back sweetened to taste. Silver Medal, 2014 Sunset International Wine Competition.

Fruit Varieties

Brandy is distilled from cider made with organic Washington dessert apples, primarily high-acid varieties such as heirloom Granny Smith. Organic and/or regional black currants sourced.