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"What I stand for is what I stand on."

Wendell Berry



At Finnriver, we are striving to create

deep-rooted & fruitful connections

to the land we farm & to the living community as a whole.


We seek to 'serve the land with cider'

by earnestly pursuing our vision of a healthy food culture

and vibrant rural farm communities. 


We are committed to organic agriculture,

human-scale production, local economics,

traditional craft, community collaboration,

farmland conservation, habitat restoration,

and land-based education & celebration.


Finnriver is financed through a community network of visionary investors who believe
in our mission. We are grateful to be an integral part of a rural agricultural renaissance
in our community and are committed to the social, economic and ecological
vitality of our place.

Thoreau wrote, “You must get your living by loving.”  We love this land and what we make. 

We handle each bottle with care and are committed to creating a company that allows us to grow community and to pursue the triple-bottom-line balance of people, planet and profit.


We love this farm

& we are glad and grateful to share it with you!