Two Hooligans

STORY: As best friends growing up together in Sequim, we began cidermaking years ago, making our own fun by climbing up apple trees and shaking their fruits free. This is the spirit that drives our cidery, this understanding that the things we want can always be found at home, as long as we are innovative and thoughtful.

Two Hooligans Cider is made from apples gleaned across the Olympic Peninsula, harvested from trees that would otherwise go unpicked. This means no two batches are exactly the same. Each fermentation is a unique expression of our ever-changing environment, each sip a celebration of this year’s harvest.

AROMA & FLAVOR: Light woody nose of fresh picked apples. Bright and cool on the palate with a pleasant astringency and a delicate finish.

CIDERMAKER NOTES: Our Original Dry is our first and dearest cider, the essence of this year’s gleaned apples captured in a bottle. It is pure Olympic Peninsula in liquid form, no sulfites or sugars added. We use champagne yeast and ferment out all sugars, making room on your palette for tastes of apple skins and last minute adventures, the scent of orchard leaves slipping from green to red to yellow, and bubbles playing on your tongue like laughter.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Best consumed where the air is salty, cracking Dungeness crab and cheersing with friends, or on your own porch, watching the sun set over the Olympic Mountains. A lovely addition to any seafood centric meal.