Solace Cider

STYLE: Still, table cider
SWEETNESS: Dry 1.002 brix
PACKAGE VOLUME: 16 x 750 ml

AROMA AND FLAVOR: Warming tangerine, sharp green apple on the nose with a background of biscuit. Gentle acid carries notes of grapefruit flesh with grape wine notes, clean and quick finish with slight texture and the out-breath of green melon , sharp apples, and chardonnay.

APPLE VARIETIES: Organic Washington State apple including Golden Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel, Belle de Boskoop and Winter Permain.

CIDERMAKER NOTES: This cider begins as a selection of high acid apples from the Finnriver Orchard and a few from our network of small growers. These apples fermented slowly over the whole winter, aged on the lees for months, blended with crisp un-aged cider and bottled without carbonation. The idea behind this is esterification of the acids in the cider. The acids and the alcohol combine to make aromatic esters, to yield the wine like profile with the undertones of apples, a bit of tangerine and warmth.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: A white wine made from apples, serve lightly chilled with the sunset. As a complement to mid summer gardens, grilled vegetables, salmon steaks with a triple citrus beurre blanc, cracked pepper goat cheese, rosemary baguette with garlic oil for dipping.

ARTWORK: Sarah Peller