Guest Guidelines

Outside Food Policy

Finnriver seeks to be a hub for fabulous seasonal food and to support local farmers, producers, and food vendors.   As such we allow outside food and drink only by permission for private events, and for unique circumstances such as special events (birthday cake) or for dietary restrictions. We encourage our guests to enjoy our daily picnic menu featuring local cheeses and savory/sweet snacks, or to check our website to view the rotating array of local food vendors who serve throughout the year.  Your support helps GROW our local food economy! Please contact for your events' food requests, and check out the calendar for up to date food vendor scheduling.

Farm Safety

Thank you for considering a visit to Finnriver! We’re glad to grow community here and to welcome visitors and groups to our working farm. Please help us care for the land, the animals and the people who visit by sharing these safety considerations with your group.

We keep bees on the farm, for pollination and honey. There may also be bees/wasps nests in unexpected locations. If you are allergic to bee stings, bring appropriate medications with you and proceed with caution.

Farm animals are not pets!  Do not feed or touch any farm animals. Keep a safe distance from all animals, including farm dogs. Do not enter fenced animal areas.

Animal fences are generally electrified and may cause a shock if touched. Do not touch electric fences and approach all fences with care.

Tractors are not play equipment!  Do not touch or climb any equipment and do not allow children to climb any machines, equipment or farm structures. Keep a safe distance from all farm equipment and machinery and look out for moving machinery at work.

Please respect the DO NOT ENTER signs around barns and equipment sheds.

Chimacum Creek is a salmon stream, currently undergoing re-forestation and restoration.  Please do not climb on creek banks or enter the creekside restoration area.

Please remain on obvious pathways around the farm and do not enter research fields or pick any food or flowers from the farm.  

Please only use designated restrooms and trash/compost receptacles for all waste.

No fires should be lit anywhere on the land.

Remember, this is a working farm and so the ground may be lumpy and bumpy.  There is irrigation and other equipment around the farm. Please wear appropriate shoes and watch your step for holes and other obstacles.

There is a NO SMOKING policy at Finnriver property. If you have guests who must smoke, please advise them to smoke in the parking lot away from other visitors and to fully extinguish butts. Due to potential tobacco virus contamination of our organic crops, no cigarette butts should be left on the land.

Kids & Pets

Yes to kids! But no pets allowed in the Cider Garden (see below for details and exceptions). Finnriver is family-friendly and all ages are welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied at all times on the farm by a responsible adult.

No visiting dogs are allowed in the cider garden or on the farm. We make an exceptions for carry pouches with small dogs and certified service pets of course. We are happy to offer an on-leash dog walking area on the big green lawn next to the parking area, in front of the white Farm House. Please scoop the poop!