Style: Orchard Series, Traditional French Perry
Sweetness: Semi-sweet
Alcohol Percentage: 6.3% abv
Bottle Volume: 750 ml


Nose of wine and sweet pears, with a pleasant, round grapefruit note and a heart of clean, tannic pear. Bright and quenching.


Hendre Huffcap, Yellow Huffcap, Romanian Perry grown in Finnriver’s organic orchard and wildcrafted seedling pears from Marrowstone Island.


Fermented primarily from Finnriver organically grown traditional perry pears. As with cider apples, special pear varieties are used to make Perry, which are higher in tannin and acid than eating or cooking pears. Perry pears are thought to be descended from wild hybrids, known as wildings, brought to northern Europe by the Romans. Perry pears often have higher levels of sugar than cider apples, including unfermentable sugars such as sorbitol, which can give the finished drink a residual sweetness. After fermentation, we also add organic cane sugar to round out the acidity and balance the strong astringent tannins. 


The well-balanced Finnriver Perry is wonderful with lighter fare — grilled chicken, fresh goat cheese, antipasti platters, and dinner salads full of spicy young greens.