Honey Meadow

Produced in early April

Alcohol Percentage: 6.5% abv.
Bottle Volume: 500 ml. (16.9 oz.)
Sweetness: Semi-sweet

Aroma & Flavor

Honey Meadow ushers us into spring with distinct floral notes and wandering hints of greenery. This cider offers a light, bright taste of the flowering, green fields of spring. Honey from local hives offers a warm sweetness and depth. This floral, earthy nectar sips like a fine, fermented spring tea.

Pairings & Serving Suggestions

Serve chilled in a white wine glass or as you wish. Pair this cider with coconut curry, lemon braised halibut, spring salads, goat cheese on toasted bread and other sassy spring dishes. Perhaps a bowl of braised dandelions! Or use Honey Meadow cider in a lovely salad vinaigrette or in a cocktail with vodka and mint ice cubes.

Production Notes

For the Honey Meadow, we take our fermented cider, sweeten it with local organic honey and then infuse it with lemon balm collected from local meadows and a dash of chamomile. Light and crisp, this cider is blended with a custom-crafted seasonal blend of spring burdock and dandelion syrup, chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaves, and a touch of local, organic honey. Burdock and dandelion roots are dried and roasted (in the farm’s woodfired oven) and then boiled into a house made sugar syrup. Lightly carbonated. Contains no gluten ingredients.

Apple Varieties

Organic Washington dessert apples, featuring seasonal varieties such as Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Braeburn and Gala.