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This is an invitation
To taste life on the land
On this sweet swath of center valley
at Finnriver Farm & Cidery
on Washington’s wild Olympic Peninsula

This is an exclamation of gratitude
for green, growing ground
Where early morning light glistens in grass
Enlivening autumn colors and stirring farm animals, farmers
and the multitude of soil organisms into action
Earth awakens, beckons with bountyThe sun rising over the ridge
Is a summons, a signal to greet the day’s deeds
Wake with wonder, take up our tools and get to workFirst, the work of the elements
The rule of rain, the law of light
We do what water, earth, wind and sun allow us to do
We watch for salmon in the creek
Striving with sleek strength upstream
teaching us how to arrive in time and place
how to be loyal to here and nowThen the work of our hands
A gathering of family, friends and function
Tilling, tractor, harvest, shovel, shoulder
Weeding, raking, repairing,
Always more to do than is doneThen comes the work of our hearts
Harkening to the beauty
Children chasing magic like birds in a blueberry field
Moments entwined like boughs in the orchard
Each heartbeat a possibility; each breath a blessing

We seek the fruitful life
With family, friends and a widening circle of folks
resonating with deep-rooted purpose
To see small farms survive and thriveIn the orchard apples abound
When the time is ripe
Fingers wrap around fruit
ready to harvest, heaping apples into
weathered bins bound for the barnHere we ferment our dreams
Pressing and pumping apple juice into steel tanks
That stand like sentinels
Guarding gold, cider insideRacks ready to be riddled,
Sediment released, kegs filled,
Barrels aging; bottles filled, leveled and labeled
Packing, typing, putting it out into the worldTraditions revived and adapted
Here where alchemy, engineering, adventure, experimentation,
Old world wisdom, wishful thinking and newfangled ideas
Conspire and inspireWe pour our hearts into each bottle…This is a proclamation of the possibilities of the apple
A celebration of community, an appreciation of earth

This is an invitation…To share a taste of the fruitful life

Crystie Kisler, November 2012