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Hot Off the Press!

Jul 10, 2012

Black Currant Lavender Cider Release

This July, we are releasing a new line of botanically-infused hard ciders, beginning with our seasonal Finnriver Black Currant Lavender Cider.  A tribute to the wild and garden grown plants of the Olympic Peninsula, the botanical ciders offer a taste that is rooted in the land.  We sourced the organic lavender for this cider from Purple Haze farm in Sequim, celebrated for its bountiful and beautiful lavender and for helping to make the Dungeness Valley a stronghold of fragrant purple flowers.

The Black Currant Lavender Cider has a lovely purple blush and an aroma of afternoon gardens.  With the sweet and tangy notes of currant balanced by a chocolatey floral essence of lavender, it makes a delicate and delicious cider.

The Black Currant Lavender will be available on the farm and at Olympic Peninsula markets throughout July.  Serve chilled with summer salads, floral cheeses, and desserts of all kinds.