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"When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."

Aldo Leopold

Jefferson Land trust
Jefferson Land trust
Tilth Producers of Washington

Stewardship at Finnriver

At Finnriver, we are striving to create deep-rooted & fruitful connections to the land we farm, to our wild and human neighbors, and to our regional community. To do so, we have made the following commitments:

Sustainable Agriculture & Ecological Land Stewardship

Finnriver Farm is a Washington State Certified Organic Farm, with Salmon Safe certification as well. Working with the Jefferson Land Trust, we have placed permanent land conservation easements on the entire 33 acre property, linking our parcels together and protecting the farm, in perpetuity, from development. Our 12 acres of creek-side land is undergoing salmon habitat restoration and re-forestation through the CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program) program and the ongoing monitoring and maintenance efforts of North Olympic Salmon Coalition. Chimacum creek is home to an active Coho salmon population and provides habitat for numerous species of wildlife. In our fields, we are developing our own on-site compost system and use a poultry pasture and crop rotation plan that enlivens soil fertility. We are very careful in our efforts to use packaging and supplies from ecologically conscious sources. Our ongoing mission is to earnestly pursue best practices to balance people, planet and modest profit.

Renewable Energies

Finnriver has installed a 100ft. tall Jacob's wind generator tower that functions on a grid tie with Puget Sound Energy and makes renewable energy when the wind blows. We intend to install solar power as soon as it is feasible and are actively searching out grants for this. In season, we work with the Salish Sea Trading Cooperative to sail our cider to Seattle with minimal motor and fossil fuel use. We want the food we grow to energize our land and our community. Offering a source of regional organic goods allows our customers to opt out of the fossil-fuel intensive model that transports food goods for thousands of miles before reaching the plate. Selling at regional markets and offering CSA shares also helps us to avoid the resource and energy-draining refrigeration and packaging of goods during long-distance transport, storage and marketing.

Lively Local Economy

We want Finnriver to be a role-model of a financially viable small-scale organic farm and cidery. By doing so, we not only provide a livelihood for our own family, but also provide local jobs and support our neighboring businesses with our commerce. As vendors at regional Farmers Markets, and as an agricultural destination that hosts thousands of visitors a year, we create opportunities for conscientious consumer practices. We happily participate in barter exchanges with neighbors and local businesses. Finnriver is also pleased to be part of a innovative economic initiatives in our region. We are 100% progressively financed and all of our land and business loans are carried by visionary individuals in our community. Through the LION group-- Local Investment Opportunity Network-- we have connected with investors interested in keeping their money local and in supporting business they believe in. The LION program, of which we were founding participants, has gleaned national attention for its innovative approach to local lending.

Healthy Regional Food Supply

Finnriver is diversifying and expanding so that we can maximize the production possibilities of our land, while still tending it wisely. By growing a range of fruits and vegetables, raising pastured poultry and live-stock, and fermenting hard ciders and fruit wines, we feel we are a well-rounded food and beverage source for the community. That we are what we eat and drink is the wisdom that guides us here. Offering authentic organic food and artisan beverages supports the well being of our customers and of our shared resources.

Agricultural & Ecological Education

Finnriver frequently opens its fields to visiting groups for educational farm tours, such as the local library, youth camps, schools, corporate retreats and work training programs. We believe in making the farm a resource to inspire and educate and are pleased to form partnerships with community groups who seek a connection to local agriculture. We participate in the Jefferson County FIELD intern program, to offer aspiring farmers a chance to live and learn on a working farm. Last year, in partnership with local and regional conservation organizations, we installed Soil & Salmon Trail that guides visitors through our fields and into the salmon restoration and shares a history and vision for sustainable land use.

Thriving Farm Culture

Finnriver is now the hub for an extended multi-generational neighborhood of families that share the daily rhythms of farm life, as well as gathering regularly for community events. We have developed a service-based U-pick model that allows willing volunteers to develop a relationship with the farm, as well as earning membership in our Berry Collective–an affordable and enjoyable way to harvest the summer berry crop. In the summer, we set-up the haybales for the Wild Rose Outdoor Theater to show films and we host seasonal celebrations to honor the cycles and draw together the circle of community. Our Cidery Tasting Room welcomes visitors from around the world and offers guests a chance to see a working farm in action. We are also active members of regional organizations that promote healthy food, families and farms.

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