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Celebrate a spirited cider revival!

Finnriver Cidery

At Finnriver we gather and ferment the flavors of the land to offer you hand-crafted sparkling hard ciders and spirited fruit wines. We are inspired by the allure of the fruit, the ancient history of the craft of fermentation and the lively traditions we now seek to revive.

Note: We use the term "cider" as it is used in Europe and in the blossoming cider revival in the United States, to mean a fermented apple beverage. Some folks call it "hard cider." Our ciders are alcohol.

Our Certified Organic family farm and Cidery is located alongside a restored salmon stream on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The process of creating our products begins in the spring blossoms of fields and orchards. Bees work their magic, fruit ripens in the sun and come autumn, when the rain-washed air of the mountains turns crisp, we harvest and press the fruit. We ferment the apple juice slowly through the chill of winter months and use both traditional and contemporary methods to refine and bottle our select batches.

Finnriver grows a variety of berries and heirloom apple trees in order to provide organic fruits for our wines and ciders. We also glean wild apples from old-time local homesteads and source fruit from regional organic sources in the Pacific Northwest.

We are very pleased to share the flavors of Finnriver with you and invite you to come visit the farm, taste our ciders and wines, walk the fields and orchard, and connect with us.

Our sparkling hard ciders are now available at our on-farm Tasting Room and at select regional markets.

Finnriver is a glad member of the Olympic Peninsula Wineries Association, and we invite you to explore the other wineries in our area and taste award winning wines and ciders that are as distinctive as their locations. We're also charter members of the Northwest Cider Association, working to educate the public about ciders and to celebrate the possibilities of the fermented apple.


$5 Tasting fee. Shared tastings allowed. Email us at or call us at  360-732-4337.

What happens when you ferment an apple? We love finding out! Cider-making in our barn is a process of discovery - a combination of chemistry, ecology, alchemy, engineering, wishful thinking, old world wisdom, farm ingenuity and adventurous experimentation. Presented here is the array of possibilities we are working with at the moment. (Note: We use "cider" to mean a fermented beverage and ours have a range from 6.5%-8% alcohol). Some of these ciders are small-batch, seasonal and labor-intensive. Others are produced with contemporary methods and more readily available year-round. Our sumptuous fruit wines blend with custom-distilled apple brandy to capture the sweet warmth and generosity of the fruit. Our spirited fruit wines are aged, more refined, relying on quiet time spent in the barrel to find themselves.

We strive to craft our products with Pacific Northwest organic fruit from our farm and other regional sources.

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