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We grow two acres of organic blueberries in the rich valley-bottom soils of the Chimacum Valley.  These berries are much beloved for their size, sweetness and general tastiness!  We sell our berries primarily at local farmers markets and local stores like the PT Food Coop and Chimacum Corner Farmstand.

Each season is different in the berry field, depending on the elements.  If the berry season is abundant, then we can occasionally open for public picking by special announcement.  However most years we are not able to open to the public for general picking and we limit picking to members of our Berry Collective.  To join the Berry Collective, you must  volunteer to do one day of Farm Service or pay a membership fee.  Once you gain membership in the U-pick Berry Collective, you are invited via email to pick during select days throughout the berry season.


The Berry Collective

"A collective is a group of people who share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project(s) to achieve a common objective."

We see the bounty of the bery field as our common objective. To receive information about Finnriver berries and how to join the Berry Collective, please click this link and select the Berry Information email list:

Sign up for Blueberry Information

Here's how it works:

Feel free to contact farmers with questions.

We hope this format allows the Berry Collective to build stronger connections to the farm. And we think the berries will like the loving attention from so many good folks!



During the berry season, we respectfully request that you do not call us about blueberry picking.  If we have sufficient berries to open for public picking, we will post dates on the Calendar link here or on our homepage. 

We kindly ask you to keep the following in mind:

• Organic blueberries prices are posted each season and blueberries are our only u-pick fruit.  We ask that you pick a minimum of $10 in berries.

• We cannot guarantee sweetness, abundance or availability.  If some days get too busy, we may need to shut down the picking to preserve the field.

• Some rows will be roped off for market picking and not open to the public.  Please respect this and do not complain...the berries are for joy only!

• You will pick in our buckets, but do bring containers to carry berries home.

• Please keep your kids close and ensure they are very gentle on the bushes.  

• No smoking or dogs on the land.  Humans of all ages welcome.

Thank you...