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Fermentations, Ruminations & Meditations

Mar 17, 2015

With spring, we set our fermentations free!  The 2015 Farmstead is bottled and ready to fly and this Finnriver flagship is a proper story in a bottle.  

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Mar 13, 2015

The ruminations of winter come to an end  in the cidery with some bright sunny days, but the cold nights still slow fermentations and steady the path to aromatic profiles. This week we pulled from their respective whiskey barrels the first ever batch of 100% Finnriver grown Fire Barrel Cider.

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Dec 23, 2014

December is in the finish. Each of the cider projects started in October and November are moving from their primary fermentation onto each next step, some wines are polished, some wines are blended and set to mature-- the rush is over. We saved/harvested just what we could from the sunshine of 2014 and now we roll all of those photons into the next level of beauty and a bottle.

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