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Weddings at Finnriver Farm & Cidery

 (We are in the process of reviewing our wedding options for 2018-- send us an email and we can discuss the possibilities!

Finnriver is a 50 acre organic farm, orchard and artisan cidery that is open to the public 7 days a week year-round.  We seek to help people reconnect to the land that sustains us.  We host weddings up to 150 people for couples who have a strong connection to the farm and a commitment to caring for this land.  Although we can designate certain spaces for wedding groups, couples considering Finnriver must also be willing to share the farm with the visiting public and be aware of our pre-scheduled public events.


For smaller weddings, we can work with you directly and you can contact Joe Evans our events wizard at: For larger, more involved weddings, we suggest you work with local wedding planners, like Tanya Rublaitus of PT Weddings & Events, who has experience with weddings at Finnriver.  Tanya has lived in Port Townsend for 20 years and has strong connections to many wonderful wedding vendors. Having worked as a high school business teacher for 23 years, she can handle even the most challenging of events with grace, poise, and competence. Tanya is professionally trained through the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC.)   You can learn more about her at:


For larger weddings coordinated by Tanya, couples then contract with Finnriver as their venue, with Kitsap Event Rentals for the ceremony/reception furniture and tent, with Northwest Event Rentals for glassware/flatware, and with other vendors as needed.  Ceremonies may be held outdoors at our rustic ‘Orchard Arbor’ and receptions in an event tent adjacent to the historic Farmhouse.  The Farmhouse, a co-working office and event space, is available for staging weddings with a home kitchen, two bathrooms and the ‘library’ dressing room.  Here are some of the accoutrements available for weddings:


Ceremony options:


Reception options:


Dance Floor option: 


Note: The possibility for Live Music is dependent on pre-scheduled events at Finnriver.

Packages generally include use of the Farmhouse first floor (restroom, dressing area, and kitchen) from Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 3 pm.

The Finnriver wedding 'package' does NOT include flowers, catering or photographer  but we have access to many wonderful local vendors who provide these services.  For catering, we strongly encourage the use of local food and environmentally-friendly supplies.  

Contact Joe to discuss the wedding options at:




**Finnriver offers a 15% discount on our cider and wine for wedding parties— available as kegs or in bottles.  Additional alcohol provided by PT Brewing for local beer.   



Finnriver requires your group to provide a certificate of liability insurance that holds ‘Center Valley Orchards’ and ‘Finnriver North’ harmless OR or you must purchase group insurance. One source for event insurance is:



Thank you for considering getting married at Finnriver! We’re glad to grow community here and to welcome guests to our working farm.  We are big fans of LOVE and are honored to host weddings.  Please help us care for the land, the animals and the people who visit by sharing these safety considerations with member of your party.  


As guests at the farm, we thank you for upholding an ethic of kindness, care and respect for all creatures, plants and people here.