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June's Blooms



Started in 2014, June's Blooms is a small flower farm that focuses on growing luminous blooms. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, June's Blooms provides cut flowers, in season, offering design work for special events and weddings. June's Blooms is owned and operated by Erika Stephens. Erika believes that farming is a form of art - where aesthetics can be cultivated as ardently as soil and plants. Her designs are untamed but exacting - carefully considered.  She hopes that through sharing her love of blooms to connect others to the power of the evocative and ephemeral beauty of flowers.

June's Blooms is partnering with Finnriver in 2017 to offer flower arrangements for special events and an on-site flower workshop and CSA. To learn more, please follow her on Instagram at junesblooms or email:


*Photo by Chris Benzakein