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Currently Finnriver ciders and fruit wines are available at markets, pubs and restaurants throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana and in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and BC.

Let us know if there is a tavern, bottle shop or market where you would like to see us go! You can also visit us on the farm and purchase directly from our Cidery Tasting Room.  We have listed some of our regional accounts here but if you are looking for us in your area, feel free to contact one of the disttributors below for a list of local accounts.

For information about Finnriver and purchasing, contact us at or 360-339-8478. For wholesale distribution ot account information in the following regions, please contact:



• Seattle and most Washington state counties:

Cru Selections, Guy Harris-- or 425-444-8739

Kitsap County: Cru Selections – Andrea Hoffman, Western WA Sales Manager, 206.913.9901 or

Eastern WA & Idaho: Amber Park, Sales Manager 509.218.4620 or

• Jefferson & Clallam Counties: Olympic Distributing – Joe Gladfelter,, (office) (360) 452-8966 or (cell) 360-460-6578

• Vancouver & Southern WA: Craig Stein Beverage, Adam Corey- or (office) 360-907-6570



• Portland/Oregon cider Distribution: Point Blank, Chris Barnes, (office) 503-232-1668 or (cell) 503-475-7095

•North Coast OR: Brad DePuyt at:



• AMY BURNS BARR at: or (310) 866-3810
California Craft Distributors

• For orders in the Sierra Nevada area in California: 
Snowblind, Ananda Ybarra,, Adam Ybarra, 760-709-1959


 CANADA, Alberta: Excess Wines, Debbie Symons- or 403-809-9376


CANADA, BC:  Untapped Craft Imports, Cris Ohana, +1 (604) 349-6712 or at


ARIZONAQuail Distributing, contact:  Shawn Hillman,, 623-581-8081or 


NEVADA: Wirtz Beverage Nevada- Michael Shetler, or (office) (702) 735-9141or (cell) 702.339.5928


ILLINOIS:  Breakthru Beverage, Brian Stockard, or Cody Smith 708-298-3395


TEXAS: Don No, Favorite Brands, (office) (956) 687-7751 or (cell) 361.765.2908 cell


COLORADO: Crooked Stave Artisans, Brand Manager- Mike Layman at


WISCONSINBreakthru Bev Wisconsin, contact Phil Kuhl, at 262.821.0600


MINNESOTAOeno Distributing, contact Amy Mason, (612) 306-3808


MONTANA: Rocky Mountain Wine, Annie Garbagnati, 406-752-9463