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Sparkling Pear Cider

Sparkling Pear Cider

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Enjoy the brightness of this cider, made from heirloom and organic dessert apples, blended with the elegant sweetness and subtle delights of organic pear. A timeless taste of the orchard.

Alcohol content 6.5%. Semi-sweet.

Finnriver Farm by Jameson Fink

Jameson Fink's Tasting Notes:

This semi-sweet cider with a fresh finish has deep pear flavor, like the difference between eating a pear with the skin on versus a peeled pear. Am I wrong to dream about glazing a ham with copious amounts of this cider, then serving up slices of it with a well-chilled mug of pear cider? I think not.

Jameson Fink

Tasting notes written by Seattle writer Jameson Fink during an arduous spring afternoon on the farm, sipping cider and listening to the cows low. Nominated for a 2013 Saveur Best Food Blog Award, you can keep up with what's in his glass at

Photo credit Jameson Fink