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Fnnriver Fire Barrel Cider

Fire Barrel Cider

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Style: ‘Orchard Series,’ Barrel-aged
Alcohol Percentage: 9% abv
Sweetness: Off-dry
Bottle Volume: 750 ml

Aroma and Flavor: A robust, bold and balanced taste of traditional cider apples— with a whisper of whiskey and rye spice; smoky aromas; notes of caramel and vanilla; and a mature, tannic finish.

Apple Varieties: 100% Finnriver orchard organic cider apples: Chisel Jersey, Brown Snout, Harry Master’s Jersey, Medaille d’Or, Frequin rouge, Dabinette & Major.

Cidermaker Notes: Carefully farmcrafted and fermented with a blend of homegrown Finnriver orchard organic cider apples and white wine yeast in stainless steel tanks. Once the fermentation is complete, we cask the cider in Washington rye whiskey barrels for 5 months to impart depth and character. This award-winning cider was inspired by PNW cidermaker Drew Zimmerman, whose mentorship and cider apple trees helped us establish our orchard.

Serving Suggestions: After chilling, allow the cider to warm slightly and serve; we favor Fire Barrel in a Belgian-style tulip glass. Try it with roasted pork, slow roasted brisket, a blue cheese burger, cured meats, smoked cheeses or any other hearty, savory fare. Caramelize an onion with Firebarrel cider and add to a dish for a feisty meal.

Blue Sky Blueberry Bushes by Jameson Fink

Jameson Fink's Tasting Notes:

The amber color of this cider let’s you know right away that this is not your typical cider. It’s been aged in charred Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The time in barrel not only affects the color of the cider, but also the flavor. It gives a touch of richness and spiciness to the cider. Try it with stronger cheeses like aged cheddar; Fire Barrel can stand up to the challenge!

Jameson Fink

Tasting notes written by Seattle writer Jameson Fink during an arduous spring afternoon on the farm, sipping cider and listening to the cows low. Nominated for a 2013 Saveur Best Food Blog Award, you can keep up with what's in his glass at

Photo credit Jameson Fink