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Finnriver Black Currant Lavender

Black Currant Lavender

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Finnriver's Black Currant Lavender Cider celebrates the botanical bounty and beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.  A special summer release, this refreshing purple-hued sparkling cider features the organic Washington apple fermented and blended with the sweet and tart delights of black currant.  Add to that the delicate floral notes of organic Sequim lavender, sourced from Purple Haze farm, and you have a delicious taste of the summer season.

"Elijah K. Swan" Ciders are named after the good folks who sold us the farm (Lige & Kay Christian) and who first planted apple trees here, as well as for the trumpeter swans that overwinter in the valley.  This cider is a tribute to them and to those big white birds who remind us that earth is still wild.

Finnriver Farm by Jameson Fink

Jameson Fink's Tasting Notes:

I must confess to being skeptical of this cider. Using lavender as a culinary ingredient requires walking a fine tightrope. One wrong move, and you’ve got something that tastes like soap or potpourri. Which is all the reason more to be impressed with the Lavender Black Currant cider. And trust me, this was no easy balance to achieve. There was much testing, experimenting, maybe a little swearing, definitely a lot of sweating to get it right. Bake up some lavender shortbread cookies and you have a wonderfully elegant afternoon snack.

Jameson Fink

Tasting notes written by Seattle writer Jameson Fink during an arduous spring afternoon on the farm, sipping cider and listening to the cows low. Nominated for a 2013 Saveur Best Food Blog Award, you can keep up with what's in his glass at

Photo credit Jameson Fink