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Finnriver Farmstead Fermenting Friendship

Mar 17, 2015

With spring, we set our fermentations free!  The 2015 Farmstead is bottled and ready to fly and this Finnriver flagship is a proper story in a bottle.  I nurture relationships with a handful of backyard orchardists dwelling on the stretch of peninsula from Sequim to Quilcene and, come Fall, I collect near 600 gallons worth of their ‘interesting’ apples. Some of these are recognized cider fruit and many others are odd eating apples that some people might enjoy, but their custodians don’t intend to. This select peninsular juice represents the rustic complexity our local homestead orchards have to offer. We ferment this batch slowly—the first ferment of the first fruit of the harvest. The next component is our annual collection of donated fruit from all of our friends and neighbors during our Calling all Apples campaign for World Apple Day! This raucous blend of fruit is fermented through and then combined with the juice of the first ferment. Together this blended cider represents the community we come from, the random and donated, the curious and the cultivated. Pressed, fermented, and refined with love and thoughtfulness at Finnriver. It is a rustic cider with varied acids that play on your tongue; the gentle tannins allow the unfiltered cider to finish in a toasty almost nutty way that is crisp and intriguing. Each bottle sold puts 10 cents back to the Jefferson County Foodbank Association-- this makes certain that all those odd little backyard apples that our friends and neighbors bring us are transforming into positive community support. A cider from the community and for the community.

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