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Fermentations, Ruminations & Meditations

Orchard Odes, April-September

Sep 25, 2015


April is anticipation...

is ants emerging into the light in long lines of hunger

is buds beginning to bulge

is dandelions dazzling with their yellow crowns


You got something to say April? 

I'm listening...




It's a miracle really,

when the petals finally curl open

and a flower becomes itself


How many things open themselves so fully

to life?


A blossom is an invitation~

take, eat, this is my pollen


An apple tree needs more than itself 

to create fruit you see

it must receive pollen from another tree


and so the wasps and bees receive nectar 

in exchange for being a pollen vector


Consider the connections

between bees and trees

between folks and their fruit

between what we know and what we believe


the apple blossom keeps a promise

to open, offer and receive


ask me in what I believe?

an apple carried on the wings of bees




June, your heat is here too soon!

Where is your summer shower

making earth a greener bower?

This warmth is making me swoon!




These deep days of summer stretch time

with lingering light long into the night

each moment a marathon 

running to keep up with itself




The arms of the orchardist stretch to reach the boughs

the boughs of the apple tree stretch to reach the sky

It looks like they are dancing together

in a tree tango, or a wild waltz 



And here they come! 

Ripe, ready, round, red,

green, golden, globes,

sweet, sour, sharp,

fine, firm, fleshy fruit


The apples are here! The apples are here!

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