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Orchard Odes, 1/15

Jan 4, 2015
An ode is an 'often ceremonious lyric poem' that speaks to its subject and celebrates a person or place or occasion.  An ode, in the old days, was meant to be sung.  This year, I will celebrate the Finnrier apple orchard each month with an ode.  Where these trees grow, our hearts are planted.  I want to witness the orchard, how the earth turns beneath it, how the sky shifts above.  I sing to the trees my love...


Ode to the Orchard, 1/15


In January your bare branches curl into the cold 

and the birds have nowhere to hide

All things are exposed in the stark winter air

You witness wings at work


You can see through the trees in winter 

to the other side, to the grey sky, to the why


Orchard, you could be a sculpture garden 

wood worked into wild forms

of symmetry and serendipity

shaped by wind and water 

and trained by trellis


Or, you could be a dance troupe,

slender brown arms bent in second position

pirouetting in such very slow motion across the fields 

to the music of mist and morning 


A few of your fruits remain on the boughs

crinkled crimson spheres 

suggesting the end of time

or a fairy tale gone awry


You know of course, orchard, that you are naked!

But you do not blink as I sink into your sodden soil 

There is no shame among these apples


Orchard, are you an apparition?

the hallucination of a hungry crow or

what a cloud dreams as it journeys by?



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