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Harvest in Full

Oct 28, 2014

AndrewThe end of Fall is super full. Tanks are full, the press is full, the barrels are full, our parking lot is full of apple bins, our minds are full of possibilities. This is the wild time of creation, when we get to shape the coming year- like the right blend of apples for Fire barrel and Farmstead in particular. It is also the wild time of experimentations squeezed into the cracks of time between the normal production duties. We press micro batches of special apples and pears and trial new yeast strains to bolster the final nose of a cider we won’t taste for six months, wondering how it will work out. In the Fall we pack a lot in, so that at every opportunity there is something up the sleeve to delight and astonish. It's the season when the tricks get plotted and planned, the preparation for the reveal when fermentation is finished. 

This week bins of Manchurian crab apples came back from the Okanagan Valley in an epic picking effort.  Our own orchard bore heaps of fruit in the Chimacum Valley.  And just yesterday the first shipment of organic cranberries arrived from Starvation Alley, 1100 lbs of tart, ruby jewels. We will work quickly to press them.  Locally foraged rosehips were also gathered and made into an earthy, herbal tea.  All of this goodness goes into the Elijah K Swan’s Cranberry Rosehip Cider, now bubbled up and ready for bottling.

I am filtering Finnriver’s third batch of Cacao Brandywine today too, and following the Cacao I will begin the bench trials for the coming Huckleberry Brandywine- my first batch. These delicate little huckleberries melded into this gorgeous cordial. Long road for such a tiny, tender fruit.

In the Fall, we enjoy the rigors of preserving the harvest and look forward to drinking it in the seasons to come. 

Andrew Byers
Finnriver Cidery

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