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Spring is a Green Sea

Apr 27, 2014

I have a dear friend and cherished mentor whose illness has become more aggressive recently and I wanted to offer her my attention and love from the farm.  I thought to send her ‘moments’ that I spent still this Spring, witnessing the world around me and wondering at this precious life.  I tried to express these moments in haiku, offered here with great love and gratitude for my friend Julie and for the opportunity to watch another sweet Spring arise upon the Earth.



Swans honk as they pass

White wings flag us to stop, look

No roads in the sky



The rain pounding down

A million little hammers

Nailing earth to sky



They say it will flood

Water, water everywhere

Then the ducks will reign



Crocus stalks emerge

Green fingers of spring reaching

To shake hands with light



A chorus of frogs

They chant like reverent monks

But we know better



Rain and wind and mud

Winter's court jesters at work

No one is laughing



Songbird in the tree

Singing a green prophecy

Cold mountains listen



Mist in the valley

The morning meditation

Swan and cloud are one



Frost covers the ground

Confused purple crocuses

Plead for sun's mercy



Raven steals an egg

Cold cereal for breakfast

And sad chickens cluck



Morning walk at dawn

Honk, Tweet, Quack, Cluck, Whistle, Toot

It's all about birds



A party for Spring

The daffodil shows up first

In her yellow dress



Apples blossoming

Buxom clouds in a blue sky

Spring’s ample bosom



Spring is a green sea

An ocean of emergence

A wave of life rolls


Across the green earth

Leaving a leafy wake and

A froth of flowers. 


(April is National Poetry Month: Here are 30 Ways To Celebrate from the Academy of American Poets.)

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